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A Few Days ( 3 days ) At My Aunties House In Folkestone

Day 1

We woke up early to go to out Aunties house in Folkestone. My dad ha to drop us early because he had some plans to watch the Sunday match – Tottenham vs Crystal Palace – with his friends. We left about 11:00 something and arrived at 2:00 something.

My cousin was upstairs and my other cousin was sleeping, I think. The boy cousin came down and we were just talking, as usual. Then we ate lunch.

When we were upstairs, playing, my other cousin from East London came. The boy and the girl. Their sibling was already at Folkestone.

We were all playing with eachother. That was basically our whole first day lol.


Who’s Looking At My Blog?? Yes, IT!

I am totally not sure if I should blog about this but I am.

Recently, as you know, not many people have been seeing my blog on both of my websites ( my other website is sarina’ ). Anyways, this person may see this post and this post is for them.

One of my classmates have been seeing both of my websites and I am entirely grateful. Although, if they are seeing this, just know I miss you and to share this to everyone you know.

If they don’t know who they are, here is a clue, its name MAY begin with an ‘A’.

YEAH! Now they know who they are.

Anyways, thanks ‘A’ for seeing this!


Hi everyone / Salaam/ bonjour / hola etc.

I am very sorry that i haven’t been posting for a while! The reason is because I have been too busy with a lot of things and too many problems have happened ar school and something happened and BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!

I will try to make one every two or 3 times a week. INSHALLAH???

Anyways, comment down below of how life has been for you and if anything good had happened or if you need advice.

I decided to write this today because I was just literally looking at my stats for this website and my other one ( my other one is sarina’ 😊) and my views, comments, likes have been going down and I don’t have any followers so I thought I should get back in the game.

Also, please make sure to like, share and FOLLOW me because one of the main reasons I stopped is because no one has been seeing this and yeah basically!

Love ya’ll and I will update next time!! ❤

Too Much Stress 😩

Why did everything have to happen to me, NOW? What, its like I have no problems in my life ALREADY!

1. I’m running out of friends

2. People are ganging up on me

3. People give me reasons as to why I’m bad

4. Rumours about me with a boy ( for some reason I kinda like it but the way they say it I guess? )


It’s really not the best time to have stress y’know. Sometimes, I feel like no one likes me in the world and that when I grow up, no one will be with me……

Getting TOO Physical, Leads To Fights!

Mamma Mia!

Getting too physical? Naughty naughty, naughty!

If we get VERY mad at someone, getting physical is DEFINITELY NOT the best decision. I had experiences getting physical with people and the one thing I realised was that I should not have done what I did….

But, I don’t do that anymore!

Respecting What Other People Has To Say

Sometimes, people say funny things, weird things or things that make people mad. But, we have to respect what they have to say, even if you do do not agree with it. If people say things that annoy you, the trick is not to care because if you say something, it only encourages them to do it even more.

For example..

Leila raised her hand up to say something. She says ‘ cows are pigs.’ ( Now we all know that is not true.). Sheila says, ‘ you are so annoying! ‘ leila continues to make people laugh, make the teacher angry and make Sheila annoyed.

What if you were Leila and someone told you to stop annoying or make people laugh. What would YOU do?

My new website

Hey. In my last post, well actually a ‘reminder’ about my new website. As I said before, I will keep this website I’m just adding another one.

My new website I called sarina’